Voltaire told us to “judge a man by his questions, not his answers.” I ask a lot of thought provoking questions in this ebook, all starting with the words – what if. We can barely go through life without asking what if about something. We are always questioning, always imagining. While the book takes a bit of a philosophical outlook on things, it also gives light humour that the average person can enjoy. The questions range from basic style choice to more controversial questions about life, and even about God’s existence. As Albert Einstein once said “the important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
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Karlene Stewart was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now resides in the Cayman Islands. She is the author of several books; You Can Rise Up, Let My Soul Bare, Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer and What If…All You Can Imagine. Karlene holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication for Social and Behaviour Change from the University of the West Indies. She began her published writing in her teenage years as a Youth Writer with Jamaica’s national newspaper The Gleaner. Today she focuses mostly on writing blogs and ebooks with her latest projects being a children’s picture book series on a young boy named Joe Dreamer, and a blog called Let Panic Flow.

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