41upDOTJJeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Christianity has gone from orthodoxy to evangelical crusades, from great demonstrations of miracles to signs and wonders, and to the promoting of prosperity in the body of Christ. The ideals of honesty and fundamental truths have been replaced by what we think and feel. The truth has been reduced to whether or not it is relevant in our society. The mindset is if it feels right, do it, even if it is wrong. Moral stability has been replaced by anything goes. We have misplaced things important to Christ. In What the Church Forgot to Remember, author Peter Triolo Jr. presents the truth about the how and why of Christianity and provides a reminder to what should be close to our hearts regarding Jesus and His church. Through scriptural examples, Triolo shows how the truth can be found in the Bible through God’s own words. What the Church Forgot to Remember reminds us that before there was time, God loved us and that love is everlasting. There’s still time to change the fast-food mentality of what we want and get back to what God wants.

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“Well Done!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Pastor Jim

“What the Church Forgot to Remember” is a well written and thought provoking read.

Like a battle cry for balance, Pastor Peter Triolo speaks from experience and points the reader to the scriptures.

Much work and “pre-prayeration” obviously went into this much needed wake up call to the church.

“We’ll done, Pastor Peter!” It is always a joy to see God’s people use their gifts to give God glory and build the body of Christ.

I wholeheartedly recommend “What the Church Forgot to Remember” to any Christian who is willing to be sharpened.

The heartfelt personal insights, an obvious teaching gift and a “splash of Jersey sarcasm” make for a winning combination.

“We’ll done, Pastor Peter. Well done indeed!”

About the Author

Peter Triolo Jr. having served in the pastorate for over 20 years is currently a Pastor of LifeGate Church in DeLand, Florida. Upon completing his studies at Spurgeon Baptist Bible College, he entered the ministry with his wife, Rosalma in 1989. They have two children and five grandchildren. Peter’s heart is settled on teaching the Word of God with passion and expectancy.

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