What the Heck, Dec?! by Elizabeth Dudak

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Marti Karnowski is waiting in the front office of Noteah Middle School trying to land first her teaching position, not a man. Yet one casual glance at Declan Reed – the school’s droolicious social worker with bad boy looks and cocky attitude – and she can’t help but fall head over in heels in crush. The fact he returns her interest, despite the other woman on his arm, poses a problem. Marti spent a lifetime trying to forgive a philandering father and understanding a mother in constant denial. She will not be the other woman – not even for one Declan Reed. Now all she has to do is convince her heart.
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“Loved it, I think New Adult readers would love this one”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Bookswagger

Marti did not expect to meet the schools hottie, social worker Declan while landing her first teaching position. There introduction was not exactly her coolest moment and Declan has that confident bad boy turned good charm in spades.

They just might be a perfect match but there always seems to be something or someone getting in the way like teachers, students, family or Declans penchant for dating gorgeous teachers who are not Marti.

I loved What the Heck, Dec?! It has everything I love about romance, it was funny and the supporting cast drew me in, what more can you ask for but a series. Marti has just graduated college so she is broke. She has just landed her dream job although while on her interview the hot guy Declan had to tell her she had food in her teeth! The two had great chemistry but they did not fall in love immediately although you know they wanted to, life or bull-headed Marti got in the way. Just like in real life, sometimes we block our own hunks with self-doubt or watch our friends do it. The book was funny and heartwarming you also have Declans equally hot Irish/Scottish brothers to enjoy.

About the Author

Elizabeth Dudak lives in the tiny suburb (more of a town) of Warrenville, IL located outside of Chicago, with her husband, Peter and children, Leah and Matthew. She was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago where she learned the love of writing and reading from her English-teacher father and bookworm mother. She has written opinion-oriented columns for local newspapers for over five years. What the Heck, Dec?! is Elizabeth’s first novel, and it is proof that she subscribes to the first rule of writing – – write what you know. You can contact Elizabeth via email at dudakelizabeth@gmail.com.

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