What’s Love Got To Do With It? by BL Wilson

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Book Description

Kameron Mills, a love ‘em and leave ‘em stud, runs through women like water. Until she meets Ernestine Williams a successful restaurant owner. The older woman has a certain something that Kam cannot resist.

Ernestine has accumulated a history of failed relationships, attracting player-player, Romeos, and stud lover types who won’t commit to anything but adultery. Kameron seems like more of the same, but insists she isn’t, that she is ready to settle down with Ernie.

Enter Baby Kam, Kam’s baby girl from a previous relationship. Ernie falls in love with Baby Kam, but the two Kams are a package deal. Can Kameron prove her love and commitment to both Ernestine and Baby Kam and keep this budding family together? Find out in What’s Love Got To Do With It?
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About the Author

After an unpleasant publishing experience, BL decided to take control of her own fate and that of her books. She became a self-published writer two weeks before All Hollow’s Eve of 2014.

She enjoys writing. She loves using it to release her inner bitch through the characters she creates. Her novels and short stories allowed her to examine who she is, in black, white and various shades of gray.

She can work out her ‘stuff’ through her characters. She finds it very liberating to do so. She vows to keep writing until she can’t.

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