dfdfdThe CDC reports that there are over 34 million unpaid caregivers who provide care to someone age 18 and older who is ill or has a disability and that an estimated 21% of households in the United States are impacted by caregiving responsibilities. So with so many people struggling with caregiving responsibilities, why do caregivers feel alone and on their own? Chris MacLellan, who has experienced the role of a caregiver, not once, but twice has written a long needed guidebook for caregivers that provides guidance, tips, resources, compassion and advice that is all based on his own experience and desire to help others who struggle with the role of being a caregiver. This book discusses Chris’ own recent experience which was widely documented through a Pulitzer Price nominated story from Florida about his role as a caregiver for his dying partner. What Chris learned is now provided in this book to help the millions of caregivers of all ages, races, sexual orientations and family situations. “In today’s world, there is the increasing likelihood that it is not “IF,” but more likely “WHEN,” that each of us will find ourselves facing the emotional and practical challenges associated with providing, perhaps for an extended period of time, care for a family member or significant other. Or, you may be in that position now and currently trying to cope with, and manage, such a situation; you already know first hand that it isn’t a walk in the park. You may be thinking that a caretaking travel guide would surely be a help. Chris MacLellan has walked those same kinds of journeys as he assumed caretaking responsibilities with two different partners while having to find his own way through it all. My many conversations with Chris over the years have revealed an informed and evolving wisdom born from those deeply personal and courageous experiences. His generous willingness to share what he has distilled from those travels provides both an insightful and empathic understanding of the issues, challenges, and tasks involved. His practical advice, his positive attitude, and his compassionate style will provide you with some helpful tools, and the reassurance that there is a way to successfully navigate this life path ahead. Chris’s clear guidance and informed perspective will serve you well, and perhaps almost as importantly, will be of benefit to your loved one too. How? Because, if you are a well and knowledgeable caregiver, you will be a more effective caregiver adding to your Caree’s quality of life. Read on and let Chris be your caretaking guide.” —John A Shwed, PhD, LCSW

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Gary J. Leblanc

Chris MacLellan, masterfully compiled advantageous information and resources that caregivers are desperately searching for. This book will help you make it through your caregiving campaign and survive in one piece. Having authored several dementia caregiving books myself, I constantly found myself nodding yes, and saying, “This book is right on the money.” This is a great collective wealth of resources for all caregivers, no matter what disease your loved one is ailing from.
Gary Joseph LeBlan.

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