When life seems to be on a downward slide, or the chaos is just too much, God has a plan. But even Christians sometimes forget that in order to know God’s plan, we have to listen to what God says. He will never steer you wrong. Within these pages you’ll find biblical examples of God speaking to His people. Some listened and reaped the rewards; some didn’t and suffered the consequences. But no matter what happened, God continued to love His people, and that remains true today. No matter where you’ve been, God knows where you’re going, and He wants you to take His hand and follow Him.
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Getting To Know Jesus Deeper.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Paulette L. Harris

We’ve all had friends come and go. People are the same everywhere around the world, imperfect sinners yet loved by Jesus.

Marie McGaha has done a wonderful job of explaining how Jesus accepts and loves His people and desires a personal relationship with them. She explains and answers many questions that people can come up with. She does this in practical ways with scripture that can be applied. There is nothing new under the sun and each generation deals with the same things, namely sin, under different guises.

I recommend this book for all ages, even small children. It’s good for parents to read this to them because it generates questions and very clear concise answers. As soon as a child starts school, different opinions come into their world. Which is the right answer? Parents will be surprised as they read to their children that Marie has explained away false ideas that have crept into all of our lives. This book can be geared to any age.

“Poof”! The myths and lies of our generation are blown away by scriptures that God wants us to know.

As the book patiently teaches a sinful reader, he or she learns of a loving person who takes the time to listen to someone who wishes to be their best friend forever.

Marie doesn’t preach to readers, she shares her heart and personal experiences to get right to the “root” of life.

This is a keeper book that you will want to refer to often. It can be used as a devotional as well. In fact each time you read it, you will grow deeper in your walk with the One who loves you beyond anything you can imagine. I love this type of book because I continue to learn.

About the Author

Marie McGaha is an inspirational speaker, multi-published author, editor, and publisher.After the death of her first husband, J. Bear Marler, Marie wrote Dancing With Bear: A Love Story, which won second place in the prestigious Smart Writ Book Awards sponsored by Mensa.That led her to create Dancing With Bear Publishing and DWB Children’s Line in Bear’s memory. 

Marie lives on a farm in SE Oklahoma in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains with her husband, Nathan. She enjoys spending time with her kid and grandkids. Marie is a certified weapons trainer, and owns Girls Get Trained, a weapons cross-training event for women. She is a member of the National Gun Association, NRA, & Soldier’s Angels. She and Nathan are members of The Patriot Guard Riders, and enjoy getting away on their motorcycle as often as possible.

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