As a little girl, Sydnee Price’s mother left her “for a little while,” in the care of a couple in Jamaica. Molested by her guardian, reviled by the women in the district and disowned by the church, Sydnee flees to America, buries her past and seals her heart tight.

However, the ghosts of her past hover, including Sunshine Brown, the daughter conceived in abuse and abandoned. To reclaim her “true” self and silence the ghosts, Sydnee returns to Jamaica, admits her deepest shame, faces the child she abandoned, but is not prepared for what unfolds.

Written with keen insight, When God Wasn’t Looking is the story of Sydnee Price, broken as a child, but who rose to success then eventually found redemption and healed her past.
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“Breathtaking, Riveting & A Beautiful Masterpiece!”

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The story line is captivating from start to finish. This book provides a clear picture of child abuse and the emotional scars that can linger without proper guidance and counseling. Sydnee being abandoned by her mother created internal turmoil for her because of the sexual abuse she encountered under the hands of her caretaker. It shows that a person’s experience in life does not define who they are and where they will end up.

It opens up your heart to the possibilities that lies ahead; while at the same time you feel the emotions of the struggles and abuse that Sydnee experienced. It also shows that nothing is too hard for God – It’s a timeless piece to have in your collection. Eunice you did an amazing job with the story line and the character arrangements. Absolute must have for this season!

About the Author

Eunice Heath Tate is an author, poet, mother, grandmother and a devoted Christian who uses her fictional characters to address the turmoil and feelings of powerlessness resulting from abuse. Born and raised in Jamaica, Tate migrated to Miami where she was a copywriter for one of the largest retail advertising agencies in the United States and, later, a writer for the marketing division of The Miami Herald. Her work has been published in The Caribbean Writer and other anthologies. She currently resides in Florida where she continues to write inspirational fiction and nonfiction.

As a writer and inspirational speaker, Tate’s goals are to: (1) To break the cultural silence around abuse of any kind. (2) Inspire and empower her readers to discover their full potential. (3) Motivate them to create within themself a new spirit of love, peace and joy. Healing and spiritual growth are a constant theme in her writings and books. She believes firmly that the ability to forgive and release the past is fundamental to healing.

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