A true love story… from a man’s perspective of how deeply you can love and how precious life is.
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True Love Can Happen”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Karen Lafferty

We should all be so lucky as to have a love so real as Ralph and Trish did. A special book that shows what can happen if a man lets himself truly be vulnerable. Well done!

About the Author

Hello readers, I had the great fortune to grow up living around the world. From Cuba, to Mexico City to Miami to Houston to Tokyo and then to New York City. After I did grow up I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio Texas. I became a High School History teacher. I taught historical essay writing as much as the actual history content.
Along the way I was married, and for some reason, not all that clear to me, it did not work out. So I went on a cruise with my parents and sister. From that cruise bloomed some awesome living. And a memoir was started. What you have read or might read, is how I met my second wife. The love of my life.
I had never written something like this. But it was a story that needed to be told. I never intended for it to be published. So many early readers told me “You have to share this.” I could have never accomplished it without my Editor and friend David Keithley. Nor from the prompting of Bill Miller.
I have more works in the planning stages.
I really hope you enjoyed this small tale; of love without limits.

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