When Time and Eternity Kiss is a boldly provocative and highly original new interpretation of the Bible–a page-turner for believers, seekers, skeptics, and secularists alike. By harmonizing the Bible with 21st c. quantum physics and the “Big Bang” theory, Maddox leads us into the labyrinth of God’s mind.

What are we? Where do we come from? Do we have a destiny? The Bible proclaims: “You are gods.” What does that mean? Is there an objective reality or just the illusion of one, as Eastern spiritual traditions assert, quantum physics theorizes, and Einstein suggested?

In When Time and Eternity Kiss, author Sean Maddox argues passionately that the Bible answers life’s most perplexing questions. He supports his propositions by integrating wisdom and insight from mythologies, biblical Hebrew, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakras, Buddhism, psychology, archetypal symbolism, dream work, and quantum physics. His multidisciplinary perspective allows readers to see with new eyes how the Bible is the spiritual guide par excellence to the psycho-spiritual evolution of divine and human consciousness.

This revolutionary work is the culmination of the author’s twenty-five-year journey of psycho-spiritual inquiry, study, and singular personal sacrifices. Maddox emerges as a daringly independent scholar and visionary who peers into the Bible’s riveting mysteries and reveals God’s Feminine Side in the texts. Aptly titled, When Time and Eternity Kiss is a passionate cosmic love story from start to finish.

At the climax of the book, Maddox upends traditional interpretations as he illuminates the two Genesis Creation stories and shares his vision of why God shattered the silence of Eternity to create life in time and space. In radiant lucid prose, Maddox restores the Bible to 21st c. relevancy as the cornerstone of Western civilization.
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“It is a wonderful read, based on at least three decades of …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JM

This book is required reading (in my humble opinion), for anyone seeking to answer the questions, 1) Where did we come from?, 2) Why are we here?, and 3) Where are we going? It is a wonderful read, based on at least three decades of scholarly research and discovery, by the author. You won’t be disappointed! It’s more than just a “read”… it’s a roadmap, for you to use, on your own path to self discovery! A true gem!

About the Author

Author Sean Maddox enjoyed a spiritually abundant but financially impoverished childhood on an Oklahoma farm. At age fourteen his family moved to Colorado. After majoring in theatre at the University of Colorado, he joined the U.S. Air Force. Following discharge, Maddox married and relocated to Toronto with his Canadian wife. In less than two years he became the managing director of Toronto’s highly acclaimed International Caravan Festival, produced multicultural presentations for Queen Elizabeth II and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Maddox later served as executive director of Theatre Ontario, publishing a monthly theatre magazine, producing theatre festivals, and managing professional theatre training programs. A decade later he returned to Colorado with his wife and son. Unable to find work in his field, Maddox transitioned successfully to business, working twenty years for two major American corporations. As he approached the apex of his career, he suffered a near-fatal fall from a ladder and a midlife crisis, which launched his spiritual journey and extensive studies in mythology, depth psychology, Kabbalism, and world religions. He was ultimately inspired him to write When Time and Eternity Kiss, which is the first in a unique trilogy of books on the Bible that proves the Bible is the spiritual journey guide book par excellence. Sean lives with his wife, Susanne, in the San Francisco Bay area. –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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