whrOne beautiful night when all of the stars are out, Anna finds Matthew hiding in the garden. As their friendship develops they begin to inspire each other’s creative talents, Anna as a writer and Matthew as an artist. It would seem to be the perfect relationship but for one small detail: Anna and Matthew have never met, not in real life at least.

Anna meets Matthew in her dreams and can’t be sure if he’s from the waking world too or whether she’s created him to share the thoughts and feelings she finds it difficult to articulate in reality. Of course if Matthew is to be believed, he is the dreamer and Anna is a figment of his imagination.

As time passes and stronger feelings begin to emerge, Anna and Matthew are faced with an extraordinary dilemma. What if one really has invented the other? Even if they are both real and can find each other in the waking world, what’s to say that they wouldn’t prefer the dream after all?

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