Where Lives Lead 

by – Gabrielle F. Culmer (Author)

Mindy is a firm believer that true love conquers all. 

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Book Description:

Mindy is a firm believer that true love conquers all. Her husband, Blaine, has been by her side for years, through even the most horrifying of tragedies. Now as she enjoys a life of marital bliss in upstate New York and Crystal Shores, Mindy has no idea that her husband is about to drop a bombshell that will change everything.

Mindy, who is busy planning a gala and riding her horses, wants a family more than anything. When Blaine tells her he wants to expand his empire to the film industry on the West Coast, Mindy decides to shun her misgivings and support his dreamsbut only if he agrees to a bicoastal arrangement. As their lives are propelled in a new direction and as a cast arrives on Crystal Shores for a film project, Mindy and Blaine must now try to stay focused on each other, despite their hectic schedules. But as Blaines professional life unfolds just as he imagined it, will he find a way and the time to help Mindy realize her own dreams?

Where Lives Lead is a contemporary tale of love, sacrifice, and hope as a married couple attempts to balance their very different professional dreams with a desire to start a family.

About the Author: Gabrielle F. Culmer

Gabrielle F. Culmer is the author of six novels in contemporary and literary fiction and two collections of poetry. She writes about the relationship dynamics of family and romance, and includes suspense, travel and business life in the books. She has degrees from universities in New York, Chicago, Kent, London, and Bristol. She is also a lawyer and enjoys traveling, researching history and horseback riding.

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