Soul Development: many will ask…exactly what is soul development and how does it apply to me? Whispering Messages answers these questions and many more with a complete collection of meditative messages. These messages were channeled through Theresa and she expertly relays information about the soul, opening one’s heart to God, how the soul is to be developed during our time on earth, how to see and hear God in the world that surrounds us, and how to look into our hearts to see our soul.

The book should be read slowly and thoughtfully. Read only one or two passages at a time and then reflect on the messages contained in each. These messages are unique because they are individual to each person reading them.

Whispering Messages is Theresa’s third book that she has channeled. Her first two books, Hear Their Voices and Receive Their Messages, contain short stories involving aspects of life with angels intertwined with the characters navigating them through life’s difficult situations. There is a repeating theme in the author’s channeled messages in all three books. That theme is soul development and learning how to open our hearts to God to experience true happiness and love while living here on earth.
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“Encourages & Uplifts the Soul!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Janet Balletta

An inspiring book filled with messages from Jesus that encourages and uplifts the soul! In this book, the author uses ordinary elements along with divinely inspired messages that everyone can relate to. My favorite one was the ocean theme message since I feel a close connection with the ocean. 5 well deserved stars for Whispering Messages.

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