WHITE PANTHER “Crime warp begins” by Kane Lion

Breaking news! Breaking news! You’re about to discover the birth of a superhero called White Panther, close the door of your bedroom and seek the concentration because you’re about to swim into a sea of action and adventure. In this book you’ll discover how our superhero fights crime in his city and how he had to fight the Koga and the Kurosawa ninja clans.
You’ll discover how these two clans were founded and their alliance to defeat White Panther. United States, Mexico and Japan are the countries where our story takes place, and on all three countries our superhero had to fight against crime.
This book is full of action and adventure and while you swim into this sea of action, you’ll enjoy the reading and the action that goes with our superhero. If you love superhero books, this book is specifically for you because you’ll enjoy it by reading how our superhero fights crime and the two ninja clans already mentioned.
But before we emerge into this sea, It’s necessary to know that all the characters mentioned in this book are fiction. And now that you know what this book is about let’s dive into this sea of action and adventure!
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