In their first big case, Whiz and Joey find themselves in the midst of an art world mystery–complete with masterpieces and forgeries. Nobody believes a crime has been committed, but Whiz is sure of it. Agents M and K, Jasper Springs’ youngest, newest, and (soon to be) most famous detectives, embark upon a routine Saturday morning training mission only to happen upon a real crime when Whiz is certain that a known forgery, is itself a forgery. Follow along as the Tanner-Dent Detective Agency gets neck deep in their first big case!Will they live to solve the crime? They are not so sure.
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“Your kids will grow without realizing it!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bradley Cobb

Intelligent. Fun. Interesting. Engaging. These are words that easily apply to this, the first Whiz Tanner book. Your kids deserve interesting books that are fun and well-written. Not since the Brains Benton series of the late 1950s has a kids’ detective series been so realistically portrayed. The two heroes of the book are just like real kids. And they have real problems to deal with (like school schedules, parents, and the like). This series (like Brains Benton before them) makes kids realize just what they’re capable of. It gives them an enjoyable, fun read, while at the same time helps them to grow in observing things around them (detective abilities), as well as in putting together information to come to a conclusion (aka reasoning abilities).

Get this book (and the rest in this series) for your kids. They’ll thank you for the fun reading material, never realizing that you are using it to help them learn necessary skills. Pure genius.

About the Author

Fred Rexroad lives in Vienna, Virginia and writes mystery stories. His life has been an eclectic array of locations and interests. He’s lived in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, West coast, Midwest, South, Europe, and on a boat. He’s printed cigar boxes, owned a magic store, flew a plane, built an ultralight, worked as a self-employed statistical analyst, photographed oil spills and shifting sandbars from a helicopter for the US Coast Guard, taught at Wright State University, solved logistics problems for the US Air Force, trained NATO personnel in the use of computer programs, wandered unarmed in warzones, was the top operations research analyst at the US Department of Education, did top-secret analysis for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and found some time to write children’s stories. He’s still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

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