In this epic coming of age story, we meet Ivan Thompson. A bright, mild-mannered, well-cultured, and distinguished youngster who finally comes to terms with an ongoing issue. With plenty of humor, fun, love, some romance, laughter, and uncensored hand to hand combat, the key message talks about bullying. The rewards and the benefits one reaps when they take a stand and push back. And the consequences against those who dare to use it.

And so the journey begins………
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Five Star Review on Amazon By traceyelise

This is a wonderful book, it makes you think of being positive and helping the underdog be able to stand up for themselves. I highly reccomend this novel to anyone that has been bullied and mistreated in their youth. Please get this book!!!!

About the Author

Furious, was born and raised in Chicago Illinois into a working class/middle class family and was the youngest of three children. At a much younger age, Furious took an interest in both reading and writing.

By thirteen, although it wasn’t recognized not even by Furious himself he was then attempting to write what would have been the initial first draft to a novel entitled Life in the Fast Lane although later abandoned by an infinite case of writers block.

From elementary school through high school as well a few areas of college, Furious strongly embraced subjects like English, Creative Writing, and last but not least Speech.

By November of 2002 Furious, begins writing the first draft of another novel and successfully completes it within 24 months. Seven years later, he does an extensive revision of the book and finishes within another 24 months. On October 25th, 2012, Bookstand Publishing officially releases Who Holds the Power.

His first debut novel. There is also a sequel in the works as well as the beginning of a forthcoming series.

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