What will you do when your benefits costs threaten your profitability?

Good pension and benefit plans make your company an attractive place to work. But it is getting almost impossible to stay competitive. Sooner or later, your benefits costs will become too big a risk for you or your insurance company.

For many large organizations, it’s not a question of if…it’s a question of when.

In the 70’s pension and benefits costs were less than 5% of payroll. Today, it’s easily 30 – 40% or more!

We are rapidly heading for the abyss and throwing money at the problem won’t save us.

In this ground-breaking book, Renee presents a revolutionary and timely solution.

Renee will show you:

Change is inevitable. Companies that ignore Renee’s message won’t be around to argue with her.

As an actuary, Renee knows that the numbers don’t lie. With over 20 years as an executive in the workforce, the only hope she sees for saving our pension and benefits, is the creation of healthier workplaces.
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