51K5TAC5FVL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_The woman, who is she? Where did she come from? What a mysterious and majestic creature. When God was ready to produce life, He created His partner…the ” Woman.” She is the conduit and giver for life, partner of the producer of life. Most of the greatest moments and memories in life are accredited to the woman. Some, if not the greatest influences and inspirations for art, music, poetry, songs, the good things of life are to her credit. How we work, play, dress, eat and interact, is surrounded by her. Mostly love and she is the birthing place for that love. The created, “Producer “” turned
” Cunsumer!” How did this happen? These and other questions we will address while taking this journey. She is something far above precious stones and material things. She’s not quite like any other creature or creation. She’s more than pretty looks, a great body, a sex object or servant. She’s usually under so much pressure to look good on the outside that her inner beauty is unappreciated. She has so much more to offer. She is a voice that should be heard. She usually carries many secrets throughout her life; anything from infidelity, molestation, rape, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, even adoptions, carrying the secrets of how she conceived a baby out of an affair, to have a man raise a child, knowing the child is not his. These are just some of the things a woman can carry all the way to her grave. She’s a leader, friend, partner, co- worker, companion, cousin, aunt, girlfriend, wife or mother. Can she be replaced? Will she be replaced? If so, who could or would try to replace her? Why this envy and jealousy of her? Would love be in the world without her? We would be extinct. Who is like the woman in comparison? Imagine the world without a single woman? Would a man still want to be successful? What about the arts? What would we write and sing about? What would be our subject matter? Would the world be as advanced? Is there anything else in existence, which is; loved and hated, admired but envied at the same time? Is there anything that can bring more pleasure or pain? Is there any other creature that could make you want to live or die for? What a creation? Would we do the same foolish things to impress or make the same mistakes? What would be our plot for infidelity? Would we be as competitive or motivated? Would society be satisfied having a man in her place or a same sex environment?
Can anyone possibly take the place of the woman? She is love and without her we would not know it or have experienced it to the fullest.
Unfortunately the flip side to all of this is; The Woman is hated by some and the target for abuse such as; rape and molestation at a very early age.
She’s exposed as an innocent little girl to domestic violence. As she grows, she is exposed to alcohol, drugs, rape, physical and mental abuse. She is betrayed and sold into slavery, sex trafficking as sex slaves. She deals with the epitome and personification of rejection, pain and abandonment. She can be weak and at the same time, the strongest at surviving and coping with unbearable circumstances. No matter her race, religion, economic or social status, even class, she is relentless in character while still nurturing.
Why is she the target of violence and hate crimes, especially if left unprotected? There is a consistent prowler on the loose, and he’s after all woman of all generations. There are so many victims raised in the absence of a loving father. What is the driving force behind this abhorrence?
To find the answer, let’s take a journey back to the beginning before the woman existed. What is the reason for her creation, her purpose? Why the hate for her? Who would hate such a lovely creation that can make life so good? Why turn her evil? Why use her for evil? Why manipulate her? If she is evil, what happened? As a female, you inherited an enemy at birth. Let’s go behind the scenes and discover who and why this enemy exists.

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