Wild Cougar Stuck On You by James D. Patalon

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How long has it been since you read a good comedy farce erotic, romance novel? Well look no further, this just might be the book you’ve been waiting for!

A guy being stuck on a woman is quite a normal thing, but what if the guy accidentally mistook a tube of superglue for a tube of sexual lubricant? What if that guy after applying the glue got stuck up inside his woman? Talk about having sex whenever you wanted it! But in this abnormal situation it will play out quite hilariously and traumatic. It all started on a Monday morning, in the house owned by the Cougar (Joyce) and her young spouse (Darin). It all began when Darin accidentally stubbed his big toe on the nightstand that Joyce had inherited from her parents. A chain of unforeseen comical events unfold to lead up into one week that goes from bad to worse. Oh have I forgot too mention about the four criminals who rob a bank on Saturday morning, just as the ambulance arrives to take our stuck couple to the hospital on the other side of the city, how a wild police chase in pursuit of a stolen black, Firebird formula car, with the four robbers are headed onto the same highway that the ambulance with our two lovers stuck to one another are within. Get ready for some hot romance, a hot and sticky mess, a wild train of police vehicles chasing bank robbers and two people glued to one another who inadvertently while on their way to a hospital get caught up in another sticky situation. An adventure worth experiencing only in a book of this bizarre erotic nature.

My name is James D. Patalon, the author of several imaginative books since 2015. Born and raised in Michigan, now residing with my wife in Nevada. This new book takes a sharp, left turn into hilarious comedy. Sure, something of this wild nature could never happen, but if it were at all to actually happen, how would the entire situation play itself out? Take a wild ride into the realms of pure comedy, erotic romance, a bank robbery going haywire, an obsession over believing that one inanimate object is haunted and out to get revenge on you. Open your minds, get ready to laugh, get totally frustrated, have sex, mistake a tube of powerful, gripping superglue for a tube of wild cherry, sex lubricant, applying it vigorously all over yourself, then when the sex is over, you find yourself permanently glued to your partner. How would you get yourself out of that type of a very sticky situation? Don’t wonder anymore, the answers are right here in my book, WILD COUGAR STUCK ON YOU: THE NIGHTSTAND REVENGE.
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About the Author

I am now an author of several books since 2015. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am currently employed in retail. Am married with children. amazon.com/author/jamespatalon

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