‘An engrossing read – author Gerry McCullogh

‘An excellent read’

‘Gripping political drama’.

In the darkest days of the Northern Ireland troubles members of the security services almost thought it was their duty to act beyond the law. Vulnerable individuals were used. Identities changed so that valuable information could be obtained. But what happens years later when that new identity is no longer a secret? What happens to the family who thought their loved one had been dead all this time? And what happens when a forbidden love affair is thrown into an already explosive mix?
A former terrorist is now a live target for retaliation by his former comrades who he once betrayed. Long held rumours about killers being hired by the security services are rife once more. Who will win and who will escape the past with their life? Finding out the answers will force individuals to make the kind of decisions that will have devastating consequences for the rest of their lives. Nothing will ever be the same again.

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“An Engrossing Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By G. McCullough

David Menon is a new writer to me, but having read Wild Heart I’ll be looking out for him. This is an intelligent, well written book about a subject I happen to know something about, being from Northern Ireland myself, and it’s clear from the start that the writer knows about his subject and isn’t (like so many people who write about Northern Ireland) relying simply on inaccurate media opinions. David Menon draws his characters together with skill and engages our interest in each as he does so. The plot is gripping. I started this book with the intention of reading a few pages to see what it was like, and then coming back to it later. In fact, I was halfway through the book before I realised how long I’d spent, and was forced to put it down and get on with some important things I’d almost forgotten to do. I stopped reading with regret, longing to know if Derek would harm ‘Ian’ or be frustrated, and what would happen to Natalie. I won’t spoil the story by telling you what I found out when I came back to the book. I’ll only say that the twists in the plot and the final ending were very satisfying. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well plotted, gritty thrillers with characters they can relate to. Well done, David Menpn!

About the Author

David is originally from Derby, England and has lived all over the UK but now he lives in Paris where his partner also lives. At the end of 2009 he left a thirty-year career in the airline industry to pursue his long held dream of becoming a writer of crime fiction and he’s now a full-time writer. When he can find the time he also teaches English to Russian students for a school in St. Petersburg. He takes an active interest in politics and international affairs, he loves travelling, and he’s into all the arts of books, films, TV, theatre and music, and he’s a seriously devoted fan of the American singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks who he calls ‘the voice of my interior world’.
He loves travelling, Indian food and is rather partial to a gin and tonic, heavy on the ‘g’, light on the ‘t’ followed by a glass or three of red wine. Well, it doesn’t make him a bad person.

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