51Hb6JMt5sL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Wilderness Passion is the story of a man that went through a horrible experience in war. He was so emotionally devastated that when he returned home he was unable to return to civilian life. He decided to walk deep into the wilderness of Minnesota, built a cabin on a lake, and had no contact with the outside world for years. Finally after years he meets two men that change his life forever. Because of the two men he eventually meets a woman from the city that he falls madly in love with. Johnny and Pamela are torn between love and their lifestyles. Johnny was a wilderness man who loved nature and Pamela was a city woman. Neither could imagine living where the other did. Could they reach a compromise because of their love for each other or were they doomed for failure?

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“A Beautiful Book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Christine Ramsay

I have certainly not been disappointed with this third book from the pen of Larry Fish. It is a sensitively told story of man so badly affected by his experiences during the war that he wants to be on his on own far away from other people out in the wilderness with only nature for company. However, even in his isolation he finds love and gradually over the years his heart is healed by the love of a wonderful woman, his friends and his growing family and his story, written by his wife, is told for all to read. A beautiful book.

About the Author

I grew up in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I moved south to North Carolina in 2004. I lived in Jacksonville, NC for 9 years before moving to Raleigh, NC a couple of years ago. As I neared retirement I wrote short stories of my life growing up as a little boy in the Pocono Mountains. Several of those stories have appeared in Our USA Magazine. I had my first novel, Golden Haze, published in 2011 and my second novel, Walk to Love, in 2014.

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