05E1aZH-_400x400Courage, determination and knowledge – Archie Hunter has all three in buckets, but are they enough to get him through his adventure in the vast Canadian forests? In this Young Adult adventure 14 year old Archie and his father Magnus, a cryptozoologist, go in search of the famed Bigfoot or Sasquatch. All does not go to plan when a criminal gang who are also on the hunt for the Sasquatch kidnap Magnus. Archie is left alone in the wilderness…or is he? Luckily he has a repertoire of survival and bushcraft skills to draw on plus the help of some new found friends. EC Hunter puts forward some ideas for Bigfoot behaviour as well as introducing the reader to bears, moose and forestry machinery! Windigo is a fast paced young adult adventure that will appeal to grown-ups too!

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“The return of good fiction”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sam Shaws

I have long lamented the lack of good children’s fiction available at the moment, the sort of books that follow the example set by Ransom and Blyton. Encouraging children to go and explore is very important in the upbringing of anyone, and good fiction that shows children the ways to explore both the outside and their imaginations is a very important tool I think in achieving this. With my niece and nephews I have relied on the excellent Swallows and Amazons, and as excellent as they are the kids are starting to see them as a bit dated now, no one has an iPhone you see. Archie Hunter fills this gap, a good mixture of adventure, comedy and even some romance all help to bring the Canadian wilderness into your Kindle. One of the best books I have read in a long time, and the kids concur. I cannot recommend this book enough, and very much look forward to the next installment. 5/5.

About the Author

Edward Hunter, younger brother of Magnus and uncle of Archie lives in the Dower House on the Strathnuin estate. It will be a rare day when you find him wearing anything less than a smart tweed suit, silk tie and very shiny shoes. He is almost always surrounded by Labradors and can often be seen cruising the estate tracks in a specially made off-road buggy, his gammy leg, as he calls it, not being up to covering great distances. His passions in life are his library, his collection of antique fly fishing equipment and of course listening to the tales of his young nephew. He spends part of the year in Spain where he is very keen on watching eagles and vultures. Edward Hunter is a great believer in tea and cake as cure for all ills.

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