51-1yLanfEL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Facing the elevator door in his company’s parking garage, Mitchell Geathers feels compelled to pinch himself for being elevated from the fear of gunfire in his childhood neighborhood. Now that the illusion of security swells his chest, he won’t let anything take him back to the helpless existence of his youth. He approaches his love interest with the same zeal he does his career, but isn’t as successful. Her heart belongs to Drew Royce, a bad boy from the same streets he wants to forget. When Drew is executed for patricide, Mitchell sees an opportunity to connect with her, fueling unexpected retaliation from a much more powerful – and undead – Drew.

After receiving an eerie message, Mitchell is made to bear witness to a disturbing attack on his youngest sister by a ferocious “wind beast.” When Mitchell learns the source of her infection is a group of invincible, shape shifting Windstalkers, no measure of protection, logic or reason is enough to keep her from slipping further into an inhuman fate.

Blind and vulnerable to their attacks, Mitchell must put his own life on the line to track the creatures and discover a weakness – or lose his sister forever.

Fueled by a familiar fear, Mitchell is running out of time in an unending nightmare – one in which he ultimately becomes the hunted.

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”  Uniquely Thrilling

Five Star Review on Amazon By G Jackson

“Windstalker: Awareness” is a supernatural thriller that will cause you to flash back to the story every time you feel a gust of wind. A “windstalker” is an advanced Nephilim, half angel and half man. They are damned to roam the earth without form after their human life is extinguished. This is a consequence of God’s displeasure when the angels he sent to earth to protect the humans disobeyed him and mated with the female humans. Taking the form of a wind shadow they kill humans out of their need to feed on human energy.

Mitchell Geathers had survived tough times and overcome much against the odds. He got himself and his sister out of the ghetto and onto a much better path in life. As a young and successful businessman he is finally getting everything he ever wanted for himself… except Chelsea Easton. Chelsea is the beautiful best friend and roommate of his sister Gina. Unfortunately she is in love with Drew, a man sentenced to death for murder. Drew’s death marks the beginning of dangers for Mitchell and his sister infinitely greater than anything they experienced as children.

I absolutely loved author K.M. Baginski’s writing style. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels to Bram Stoker’s technique, weaving reality with fantasy. The use of newspaper articles for reader believability within this story is just one of several instances. Baginski provides a panoramic view, allowing multiple characters to witness the same scene from a new vantage point in the style of Tolstoy. The writing itself is flawless without grammatical or typographical issues and has clearly been well-edited.

Supernatural fans will appreciate the uniqueness of windstalkers. I do not believe I have come across them in any other supernatural tale. Though I don’t consider this story particularly gory it certainly qualifies as horror and delivers in the thrills and chills department. This is a substantial and lengthy book but once I began reading I didn’t want to put it down. Partly because the writing itself is so good and as I kept reading I became more and more involved with the characters. The author is superbly skilled with dialogue, characterization, action, plot, pacing, description….and best of all providing an exceptional scare factor!

About the Author

When I’m not teaching science to middle schoolers, I enjoy reading and writing fiction. It was not always my dream to write but I think serendipity likes to dwell with dreamers and the hyper-imaginative. Since childhood, I can remember entertaining myself and family with tales extended from television or movies. I was also quite the vivid-dreamer, recalling episodes I’d only seen in my dreams as if I were present in a different dimension. So I think when enough of those experiences add up, its good to commit them to pen and paper.

Windstalker began as a vivid dream I had as a new adult. In it were creatures who, quite beautifully, were filled with expressions of longing, loneliness yet embodied the anger and bitterness that come with condemnation. They were destined to be misshapen, powerful and fearsome, while wishing for the opportunity to become fragile humans. While it may not be a story for everyone, it was certainly one I wanted to share with other hyper-imaginatives, like myself.

If you’ve enjoyed this installment, please visit the characters and upcoming Windstalker stories on my site windstalkerbooks.com.

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