Windward Secrets by K. A. Davis

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Book Description:

31bgoNIlLIL._UX250_It’s Claire McPherson’s turn to pick the destination for the annual get-away with old college friends. Excited to return to the location of her favorite childhood vacations, Claire unwittingly leads them into danger. Claire, Diane, Jill, and Caroline thought they knew each other until Windward Cottage pulls confessions out of each of them. The house has its own secrets that are revealed when Claire becomes determined to unravel a 50-year-old mystery. Fear, danger, and unexplained events connect the four women to each other and to Windward Cottage. This is a fast paced mystery laced with humor, suspense, and a touch of the supernatural that will make the reader gasp at times and soften their hearts at other times. Three of the women find their futures, and one finds her past. Readers will recognize someone they know in every character while heightening their awareness of a heinous international crime.

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“Full of Suspense and Mystery! You will be on the edge of your seat!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Pages Abound

This story took me by surprise, and left my with a book hangover of the most enjoyable kind. I was unsure what or where the story was going to take me, but was pleasantly surprised by the journey. The mystery and suspense had me on edge and unable to put it down until the very end. The story was an inspiring story of friendship and unwavering determination for the truth and, in the end, justice.

The story had several strong characters. Each was well developed and their contributions to the plot unfolded in a way as to not bog down the reader. While I don’t really feel like I can get to detailed because I am afraid of giving things away, I will say that there were multiple times throughout the book I caught myself saying, “I did not see that coming!” The author did a wonderful job with the various plot twists and surprises which were easy to follow and felt natural to the story. Sometimes when stories try to give you a hearty plot, it gets so confusing and cumbersome to keep up with. Or they simple feel forced or out of place, that was definitely not the case with this one.

Claire picked a childhood vacation spot for her turn in girl’s weekend trip. She and her three friends from college have taken turns choosing/arranging girl’s weekend since they graduated college. Each of them bring something to their group. But each has their own insecurities and secrets too. So does the sleepy Victorian cottage they are renting for the weekend. Claire is determined to figure out the secrets it is trying to keep from them. She will find out more than she ever imagined?

A great suspenseful read with the twists and turns!

*I was gifted a copy for my honest review.

About the Author

Thank you for visiting my website.  I wish I could tell you that I am a New York Times Best Selling author or at the very least an award wining author, but alas that is not the case.  What I can tell you is, I am latecomer to writing and,  if you’re interested, read on for some background about myself and why I started writing.

I live in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania with my husband and a horde of white tail deer who insist on annihilating all my attempts at gardening.  We are empty-nesters with two grown daughters and two beautiful grandchildren.

During my long and varied working life I did business writing including everything from press releases to policy and procedure manuals.  I served as managing editor of a corporate newspaper where I enjoyed every aspect of production including writing, photography, and even the dummy layout.  From there, I wandered into marketing pieces and business plans.

My favorite adventure, however, was fourteen years in the Bed & Breakfast industry.  This was my passion.  When we left our lovely, old Victorian, it left a hole in my heart and I found myself with an indistinguishable yearning.  I needed more.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I wasn’t done yet!

Having done business writing and enjoying it, the light bulb finally came on, if I liked commercial writing, surely I would like creative writing.  Right?  Well, some of us are simply slow learners.  Once that thought penetrated, ideas for stories started popping into my head.

Coming from a family of artists and authors, and being considered a creative person in my own right, it should have been clear long before this that writing was a pond into which I should dip a toe and test the water.  Searching for my next adventure, I took note of how my aunt, Judith Redline Coopey, was enjoying retirement while fulfilling her life-long goal of becoming a published author.

Being a grandmother was the fuel that fed the fire, and I decided to leave my grandchildren a legacy of words that would outlast any other inheritance I could give.  I wanted to write wholesome stories where the characters would have to use their brains instead of computers and cell phones.  They would have  to think on their feet.  They would have to take responsibility and make decisions on their own.  And, they would just be darn good kids.  I wanted to challenge readers to read more by including titles of other books and alluding to their messages.  So it will never sell.  That’s okay.  That was not my plan.  I just wanted to hand my grandchildren books that had been written especially for them.

Emerson’s Attic opened a world of possibilities and I dove in with gusto.  The first draft of The Blue Velvet seemed too fast and easy, and of course it felt that way because it was just the very beginning.  I had, and still have, a lot to learn about writing.

The knitting needles have slowed, the flower beds (or what’s left of them) have weeds, Emerson’s dollhouse remains unfinished, and my fishing rod leans lonely in a corner of the garage, but I just can’t get enough of “Emerson,” the real one and the character.

I hope you will read and enjoy Emerson’s Attic, The Blue Velvet.

Windward Secrets by K. A. Davis

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