dfdfdAfter Janet loses her husband in a tragic accident, depression and loneliness begin to consume her world. Janet is convinced that her grieving will vanish once she figures out how to silence the voices in her head.

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“Absolutely loved it! It’s amazing how the writer pulls you”

Five Star Review on Amazon By chanita reid

Absolutely loved it! It’s amazing how the writer pulls you in as if you’re actually there. Wanted to read more! Definitely needs a sequel. Wine Candy is a must read!!

About the Author

Darryl Carlisle was born and raised in Chicago, IL. His love and passion for books and writing began at an early age. Suspense and mystery novels always intrigued Darryl, so he began writing short stories and dark tales of his own. Black Fingernails, is the first novel from the mind of Darryl Carlisle. A dark thriller about what happens when two different worlds collide, and how we all deal with personal demons. Be on the lookout for more suspense and mystery from Darryl Carlisle’s world…

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