A young bee, bright and inventive, seeks to be a member of the Queen’s Royal Guard, by building a wild contraption to improve their lives. Only to discover that life does not always go as planned and he may need to grow up faster than he expected.

Miss Moffet, a beautiful and wise sunflower, tending to her garden and glowing amid the sunlight; Learns, all too easily, that love is everywhere and sadness is only temporary.

Winkie and the Sunflower, beautifully written by LB Mcgill, and whimsically illustrated by Anthony Sturmas, contains over 14 illustrations marking each chapter. Also found within, are additional Illustrations added by the talented Andrea Espinosa.

Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Very funny, joyously comic…. Must read.

About the Author

L.B. (Loralie) McGill was born June 15, 1963 in upstate NY.  She was introduced early to classic literature, giving her an appreciation for the written word. A lover of letters, music and theater she continued her education independently after leaving high school. Her post formal education studies include operating a nonprofit children’s theater for seven years and producing an independent film. She currently lives with her husband and children in the seaside town of Cardiff by the Sea in southern California.

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