51qsO80+d+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This book describes the formula for success in business and life. It goes from mindset to methodology in a step by step approach to making one’s mark in the world. Broken down into two sections, part one deals with the habits and mindset of successful people and how one can obtain these characteristics and habits, while part two shows how to apply the things discussed in part one to launching and growing an enterprise and what it takes to thrive. Although the focus is targeting the online entrepreneur, the information can be applied to any enterprise, achieving any goal, and offers some helpful ways to control one’s own mindset and triumph.

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“Very good read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Juanita Cephas

This book had me motivated to go out and follow my own passion, and have the mindset of a Boss!

About the Author

Diana aka Ladee16 is an entrepreneur,who loves independent music of all genres as well as small and home based business. She is founder, programmer and show host of WDGP Radio an Internet Radio station that promotes Independent Music Artists and Small/Home Based Business. Her belief in God and deep faith commits her to help others to reach their potential. Her non- profit project is Children’s World of Music. WDGP Radio is a sponsor for this program. She has enjoyed a lifetime career in nursing, as well as spending time as an insurance agent, travel agent , affiliate marketer and more. She has written the first in a series of planned e-books. She invites you to read and review her work.

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