WINNING through Early Detection and the Beauty Behind It! memoir and guide was written to assist women that have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and are confused about their diagnosis and/or feel overwhelmed. It also provides an inside view to women that dislike, are too busy, or are fearful of taking a mammogram; women who want and need real information about early detection from someone who has been there and is not afraid to share it all. WINNING through Early Detection and the Beauty Behind It! memoir and guide shows women that a breast cancer diagnosis can be a very scary obstacle. However, for many, it is also nothing more than a brick used to build the foundation of their bridge to a bright and amazing future!
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Great engaging, informative read!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By LV

This is a wonderful book that not only provides critical information, but is also engaging. Given the serious nature of the issue, I was particularly impressed with the author’s ability to use humor in her thought processes and writing. I appreciate the step-by-step walk through of the entire process, which helps to give a better understanding of the different options available at each point. Based on the writing, you can clearly tell that the author is a compassionate, efficient, and humorous person that anybody can easily relate to. I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends and family. Thanks Marilyn!

About the Author

Marilyn D. Willis ( has always wanted to be an author and firmly believes she was purposely provided a life changing event to write about in hopes that she could help others by sharing her journey.

Educating others has always been a passion of Marilyn’s because she believes it does none of us any good if we cannot help each other regardless of race, class or status.

Through her life changing event, Marilyn realized it was time that she followed her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. After deciding not to return to corporate America, where she had worked for various companies for nearly 30 years, Marilyn was free to explore and reinvent herself.

Marilyn has been married to her second husband, Marion, for the past 8 years and has three adult children, including her supportive daughter, Danielle. Marilyn holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and she is an Illinois Licensed Nail Technician who firmly believes in service to others.

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