Winston Churchill’s Renegade Spy

by – Steve Haberman (Author)

Mid-1940, the darkest of the nights for Britain during WWII.

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Book Description:

Mid-1940, the darkest of the nights for Britain during WWII. Adolf Hitler’s unstoppable military has conquered most of Europe, including France, only twenty miles from the English coast. It is now set to conquer the island-nation itself. Plotting to aid this onslaught, a German spy lurks somewhere within Winston Churchill’s government.

​Such is the dire news an emissary of the prime minister secretly brings to disgraced Churchill bodyguard, Jonas Shaw, an ex-New York City detective, along with a plea: help discover the agent before the Nazis invade.  Shaw has faced many challenges in his eventful life, but none as dangerous and fateful as this one, helping save Western civilization.  First in a series.

Reviews for the Book

Gripping thriller. Fast moving and chocked full of great real historical reminders of life during WWII before the US entered the war. Lots of great historical reminders of how evil autocratic governments were and are.
Highly recommend! - Amazon Customer

About the Author: Steve Haberman

A University of Texas graduate, Steve Haberman pursued legal studies at UCLA before embarking on a career as a legal assistant. Profitable stock market investments made travel abroad possible, and he has since visited Europe extensively and frequently, including London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, as well as Milan and Budapest. Many of these feature as settings in his two e-book novels. “Murder Without Pity,” a murder mystery with tragic echoes from the past, occurs in Paris. “The Killing Ploy” (with heavy overtones of “fake news” before that was topical) is set partially in several Continental capitals. His two other works, “Darkness and Blood,” the sequel to “The Killing Ploy,” and “Winston Churchill’s Renegade Spy” also use foreign locales. He is presently planning another three month trip abroad. It will be for research on a fifth thriller, this one set in the post World War II apocalyptic ruin of the German capital. It will be titled “Where the Bones Lie.”

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Interview with mystery author Steve Haberman

Mystery author Steve Haberman joins me today to chat about his new atmospheric murder mystery, Murder Without Pity.

Welcome, Steve. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I earned a B. A. from the University of Texas, Austin, majoring in political science and minoring in history. Afterwards I passed my stock brokers exam and worked for a time at a small brokerage house before returning to school. Upon getting my legal assistant certification from UCLA, I worked for a major law firm in Los Angeles.

Successful stock market investments let me retire early and to pursue two dreams, travel and write, and I have since been extensively, at times for months, and frequently to Europe. I love the cosmopolitan bustle of Berlin, Prague, Rome, Vienna, and London. Many of these capitals find their way as background into my stories of intrigue…Murder Without Pity (Paris) and the soon-to-be-released The Killing Ploy (London, Paris, Lugano, Berlin), Darkness and Blood (London, Paris), and Winston Churchill’s Renegade Spy (London, Zurich). My fifth novel will be set in post World War II Berlin, and to help my research for that, I’ll be returning to Europe and will spend some time in the German capital.

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