Winston Knows by Jan Gaebler-Smith

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Book Description:

Winston is an indoor cat. He lives with Nick, Nora and Betsy, the dog. Winston doesn’t ever get to go on walks – or does he?

Winston Knows is a delightful children’s story about an indoor cat, Winston, who never gets to go on walks — or does he? This is a US edition (reflecting American spelling and word usage) of an engaging debut Australian children’s picture book by Jan Gaebler Smith and illustrated by Marie Jonsson-Harrison. The book features vibrant color, humor and lots of opportunity for read aloud discussion . The book has been written for primary school children (3 to 8 years). Teachers’ notes are freely available from the publisher website and these resources can also be used by parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters to extend this picture book experience through discussion and fun activity.

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Winston Knows should be on every child’s Kindle!

Kids love this book! It has great illustrations that are fun with lots of humor to illustrate the clever story. Young readers can grow into this book, pre-school age are attracted to the amazing illustrations and vibrant colors and then older readers actually ‘get’ the story about Winston the cat who has a nose for adventure. It is also a great story to read aloud with lots of ‘sound effects’ opportunities. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Jan lives in Adelaide, Australia . However, she was born in Portland, Oregon and lived in New Orleans, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Washington DC as a child. She first wanted to be a veterinarian and attended Colorado State University before transferring to the University of Hawaii to major in journalism and creative writing. ‘Winston Knows’ is her first picture book and combines her love of animals, children and creative writing. ‘Winston knows’ is a fun, happy and colorful book that delights pre-schoolers with a nose for adventure!

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Winston Knows by Jan Gaebler-Smith

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