Everyone has a story to tell. Some have a story of success and achievement, some of hope and longing. Some have a story of hardship and perseverance. It’s not the story that defines who you are, but your attitude and growth during the journey.   “Wisdom Inside, Inspire Me!” is a book that focuses on the growth and passion that you can achieve if you only open your heart to your own truth, regardless of your situation. Pason shares the intimate thoughts that helped to define who she is as she walked along a path that few have. “I don’t share my entire story in this book, but the wisdom that I gained along the way. It’s not the destination that matters so much in life. It’s the journey.”
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“You Won’t Be Disappointed”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Morgan Jessee

Uplifting, inspiring and crafted with true passion Pason, is bold and loving with her lessons of life’s journey and her complete rendering of heart felt. wisdom. I can’t wait till her next book comes out to add to more of her incredible lessons that she lovingly shares, desiring to give back what she has received.
Morgan J.

About the Author

Pason is an actress, producer and writer originally from GA/TN based in Santa Monica, CA. She is one of 13 kids, though according to her dad “there could be more.” Siblings range from 17 years older than Pason to 10 years younger and she’s never met all of them. Both parents married several times. She’s had a very eclectic life! Grew up with a physically beautiful but manic depressant/bi-polar mom and alcoholic dad, she nor her brother saw their dad much. Pason experienced verbal, mental, physical and sexual abuse, which one day became the explosion that lead to her being on her own just after turning 17 years old, a Junior in High School. Pason was accepted, worked out a deal and graduated from Chattanooga High School of Performing Arts. She attended Columbia College-Chicago as a Theater/Dance major. Pason continued her training after college, trained with performers from Cirque Du Soleil and became an international headliner as a dancer/aerialist. She retired from dance/aerial in 2010 to transition into acting, voice over, writing and producing.

“The arts have always been a happy, safe, supportive, loving place where I feel free to open up. When you open up, your soul smiles, you shine bright like a beautiful star! It’s who I am, an artist!” Pason has appeared in several films, TV, commercials, music videos, does voice over, has been published in over 100 magazines and performed on over 100 stages worldwide. She posed for 3 bronze sculptures by Andrew Cawrse, one of the world’s most sought after aesthetic anatomy instructors. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art had a 5ft photo on display the NY Times wrote an article about calling the photo “The Essence of Power.”

Pason has had 30 and counting surgeries and injuries since 1990 (three performance related, others random, several skin cancers). She comes from a storied life of experience, trials and tribulations that led to sharing the lessons in this book. She opened Pason Productions Inc. in 2016. All of her projects are to inspire and empower people.

“You can not change others, you can only change yourself. When you change your inside, it will change your whole life.”

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