Wit, Wisdom and Heart…An Anthology of Southern Short Stories

Whether a teenager fighting for the South in the Civil War or a World War II bomber pilot, a warrior's life is never the same after battle.
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Book Description:

Wit, Wisdom and Heart is an anthology of thirteen eclectic short stories about Southerners that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

A smart aleck ghost on North Carolina’s Outer Banks will have you laughing at his journey to the hereafter…and back.

You’ll experience the pain of lost loved ones as a widow and widower try to overcome the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. An aging baby boomer fighting severe depression asks an eternal question: Is life worth living?

Do evil people get what they deserve? And, do nosy small town busybodies ever receive their just comeuppance?

The horror of war, no matter when fought, leaves deep and permanent emotional scars. Whether a teenager fighting for the South in the Civil War or a World War II bomber pilot, a warrior’s life is never the same after battle.

Rodney Page’s Wit, Wisdom and Heart will surely stir your emotions.

Review for Wit, Wisdom and Heart by Rodney Page Run to enjoy this enthralling look at southern life in a collection of 13 widely diverse subject matters dealing with the charm, humor, people, morays, and places in the most mysterious and beautiful part of the U.S. After a semi-slow start, the third tale takes us right to the 13th story conclusion with astounding exposition and original stories of southern madness, miracles and poignancy. The tales spark outward from Atlanta as a central point to southeastern towns we know and either love or hate with great characterizations and observations of life ‘down here’, where the old south continues to meet the marginal new. I found this book fascinating and funny, endearing and emotionally moving in so many spots. The author is a talented and wise spinner of truly southern ambiance. We get a joyful mix of surprising tales of Katrina survivors; a look at the fifties from an 8 year old boy; a musician’s rise (good lessons of maturity and compassion for those with addictions); a wonderfully strong and moving Civil War story; a funny tale of hillbilly entrepreneurs (making great fun of Asheville weirdo culture); a grand tale of a surviving farm in the middle of metro Atlanta; the insanely entertaining southern ‘Gladys Crabbitz’ tale of snooping; an author gets a ghostly muse on Nag’s Head; a really cool story of mountain justice on criminals; a beautiful serendipitous story of spousal loss and a 50 year class reunion (well-crafted, showing demise of some southern towns); a brilliant depiction of the solution to HOA tyranny; a detailed and well laid crime drama/court/murder mystery; and a beyond huge finale with my personal favorite, a WW2 B-17 Captain’s tale of PTSD and struggles with horror. This author is inspiring in the messages he puts forth and the title must be a good description of his very person. I was amazed by this work. This is how to write a short story collective.

-- Red Butler

Rodney Page (Author)

A Georgia native, Rodney’s business career included a variety of senior management positions and consulting engagements in companies and industries ranging from startups to Fortune 50 firms. A graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, in 2005 Rodney authored Leading Your Business to the Next Level…the Six Core Disciplines of Sustained Profitable Growth, a hands-on guide for companies navigating the perils and pitfalls of a high growth environment. Published in Spring 2016, Murcheson County, a sweeping saga of four families in antebellum Georgia, spans sixty years during our country’s most turbulent times. And, The Fourth Partner, a murder mystery set on the Georgia coast, launched in September 2016. The Indomitable Ms. Smythe, a suspense/action/thriller chronicling the exploits of a feisty and irreverent congresswoman and her brother, a CIA operative, launched in June 2017. Lastly, Macon – the Novel, a dark story of murder and cover-up in the deep South in the 60s, was published in July 2018. Rodney’s short stories are included in several anthologies. Projects currently underway include: By the People, For the People, a political thriller, and an anthology of short stories. Rodney’s books are published under the general theme, ‘Southern Voices’…characters that showcase Southerners’ wit and wisdom, uncommon common sense, little use for the conventional and boundless resilience. Rodney lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina. His passions include woodworking, history, R&B guitar and bass guitar, and, of course, University of Georgia football.

Whether a teenager fighting for the South in the Civil War or a World War II bomber pilot, a warrior's life is never the same after battle.

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