Simon, Catt, and their classmates return for a new assignment at Superhero School: Skydiving!

The only problem is, cats don’t fly! As much as she hates to disappoint Simon, Catt wants nothing to do with planes or jumping out of them. But when Simon’s parachute won’t open, Catt must swallow her fears to save her falling friend.

Landing in a wild jungle, far from school and home, the cat-and-mouse duo uncover a secret prison of animal hostages. Morgan Banana and his monkey thugs use the remote jungle to carry out their diabolical scheme in the dark: to smuggle live cargo to human zoos .

Can Catt and Simon stick with the school assignment and return to Sweet Meadows, or will curiosity drag them into a crazy rescue mission?

Join the Superhero School class for another exciting adventure—With the Curiosity of a Cat, Book Two in the Superhero School series.

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