Why do we fear the Wolf so much. Where did werewolves come from. And why were they created? More importantly what’s stopping them. Those who you criticise for being travellers. Have you ever stopped and wondered maybe there’s more to them?

Young Ethan he’s just a 16 year old who has just lost his Grandmother. On reflection he starts remembering stories he was told by her. Fantastic and worrying, about the Wolfsbane mark and who they were. But what’s it go to do with him?

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About the Author

A little bit about me.
I’ve been hobby writing for a number of years but it’s only been recently that I have actually gone forward to publishing some of my stories.

I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft 4 times in my life. However the 4th time I actually fell out… that was certainly brown trousers time. Luckily for a jest the guy who pack my parachute fitted a longer delay and unbeknownst to him saved my back from snapping in 2.

I’ve been an air cadet, in which time I learnt how to direct 4000 people with just my voice. Yes I can be loud as my kids know…
The best quotes I can remember from that time was.
‘did you iron your trousers tonight?’ ‘yes cadet warrant’ ‘really… with a house brick?’
to a 6ft tall cadet ‘if you got your head out of your a’#e you’ll be twice as tall’

I’ve been to university and learnt that if you self fund that working 60 hours a week ontop of studying is tiring. I learnt also that no matter how pc you try to be theres always one in the class that just doesn’t care.
‘is that love bite or a shaving rash?’ gotta love the irish sense of humour. don’t think she liked it though.

I’ve walked 130 miles in 4 days for charity and I have to say I never knew that blisters sometimes have to be drawn out with syringe. 30 blisters 4 days 9 had to be syringed…

As for my writings I have used my personal experiences to enhance the stories even though some have been painful to remember.

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