A Woman’s Guide To A Female Led Relationship

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Book Description

I am writing this book for the woman who is interested in being in a Female Led Relationship.  It is for the women who is at her wits end and is tired of the same old thing with the same men. She is tired of being an object in her relationship. She is tired of not getting satisfied in bed. She is tired of “sleeping on the wet spot” while her lover rolls over and falls asleep. She is tired of being overlooked and taken for granted. This is not a book of erotic titillating stories. While in later chapters I will give you a variety of ideas to take “erotic control” of your partner, my primary purpose is to give you a realistic illustration as to what to expect and think about when you are in a relationship like this.

We have all dated that guy who wanted sex all the time and was really kinky in the bedroom. The kind of guy that wants to do it in the back yard while you’re wearing a red satin teddy or a guy who wants to watch while you are pleasuring yourself with your magic vibrating egg.  But a Female Led Relationship is more than just kinky sex. It’s actually a very small part of it.  It is first and foremost a relationship between two consenting adults. It isn’t just one or two steamy and kinky moments of passion. It’s a way of living. It’s a lifestyle with the woman at the helm.

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“Need more women like the author” — Certified Review for this Book by By Laura Anne Lynn