Dare to enter a world of Historical Fantasy that is action packed, gut wrenching, startling and wondrous.
From start to finish, this trilogy will have you at the edge of your seat. Adira will no doubt capture the hearts of many throughout all three books as Camden Burrows, a military general also finds his destiny along the way, as well as many others who will intertwine and capture your heart while gripping you tightly, never letting go.
Questing to lands of the unknown, the Queen of all Queens faces new challenges and becomes the King-Maker…and so much more. Trouble seems to find a permanent home for the Highborns and they must learn to live with it…
Or perish forever.
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“A Medieval Blockbuster!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Shylah

Medieval times were far from glorious. I admire a book that can display its ugly truths pertaining to the era and then add beauty, life, intrigue ( plenty of it too ) passion, loyalty, and everything under the sun. This author has talent and it’s evident in the art of her writing, story telling, and her brilliant “male inspired” battle scenes and warfare knowledge held by a woman’s hand … , that right there is quite remarkable. A block buster!

About the Author

Lory La Selva Paduano adores the genre she vividly brings to life, and as an avid reader herself, she’s always possessed a profound love affair with Historical Fiction. She’s fueled by the critics of her past, the ones who claimed she would never see this through, driven by the sheer desire to tell stories in a creative setting and proving many wrong along the way.

From a severely troubled teen, to a wonderful writer, mother and wife today, this author has faced some of life’s most challenging pursuits and has risen above them gracefully, through perseverance, and determination. Her works rouse her to be the best she can be, whether it be in her tantalizing stories, or in real life.

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