51q1tBY5SmL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Pop-surrealist Jacob Carignan brings to life a story of overcoming personal monsters told through the eyes of a boy lost in a magical, and at times, terrifying forest.

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About the Author

Jacob Carignan is a pop-surrealist who grew up in a large town in central New England. Dealing with the pressures of a broken home, he turned to art as a form of escape and, later, meditation. He studied studio arts and graphic design at a local university before branching out into the art industry. He now lives with his wife in a Tiny House in the woods where he draws from the natural world around him and the industrial environment of his childhood. Jake’s artwork has appeared in galleries such as Visionspace in the greater Boston Area, and ACME Superstore outside of Orlando. In addition to exhibitions, he has contributed to multiple local art conventions. This book was made to raise awareness and combat the stigma of mental illness in honor of his childhood friend who took his own life as a result of depression.

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