Wooly Bully by Jason Kondrath

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Book Description

The sight of a “blood moon” is a rare event. And the notion has always fueled superstition, fear, and even paranoia. These are the rare events mentioned in the bible. The red moon was a warning sigh from God himself. He did not like the current temperament of the human race. It has become more bitter; less sweet. Instead of everyone helping each other, to live up to their fullest potential they exploited each other. God had given Man dominion over the Earth and the Animals. But now the Earth itself would be man’s battlefield. Soon nothing would grow. The animals he domesticated would become unfaithful, and the wild animals they had pushed them to the boundaries of extinction, would attack without mercy. Every animal “collectively” became aware of this awakening. Everything in the Universe belonged to the “God Consciousness,” the great Collective Unconsciousness. And even the lower forms of life, the birds, the fish, the animals who shared the land, the sea, and even the vegetation itself had been affected? Everything was in sync to slowly rid the planet of this disease called the human race, the parasit that took everything and gave nothing. The revolution had already begun, only the humans were unaware of it…
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