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invite dragons to school…let pupils travel through time!

Written by award-winning children’s author Judy Waite, Wordtamer offers over fifty ideas for exciting, innovative writing activities and creative workshops. The book explores how authors actually work and what they achieve through their methods. It considers how teachers and children can incorporate these techniques into their own work, and so improve creative writing.

Wordtamer provides easy-to-follow instructions to:

Underpinned by theory and Judy’s own experience of working as an author in schools and running writing workshops for all ages, Wordtamer offers step-by-step, inspiring plans for creative writing lessons that will make a buzz in the classroom. Pupils won’t just create characters…they will become them.

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About the Author

Judy Waite is an award winning author of fiction for children and young adults, with over 50 titles published.
Judy’s most recent work is a lively investigation into creativity, creative process and creative writing targeted mainly at school teachers for all age groups. The book ‘Wordtamer’ (Routledge, 2017) has evolved through combining author creative process with the very particular demands of a school environment. It includes over 50 creative writing activities that have been ‘tried and tested’ on a range of pupil age-groups and abilities. It also explores crafting skills in a ‘sleeves rolled up’ sort of way, and has value for teachers, student teachers, students of creative writing, creative writing teachers and writers generally.
Judy is also the developer of the popular website which is an interactive funfair inspiring story and writing ideas. The wordtamer theme is also supported by a series of books for middle grade and YA readers – Funfear, Pup Idol, Scare Bear and House of Secrets.

Judy’s award winning fiction has included Mouse Look Out – a dark, atmospheric and beautifully illustrated picture book that has won prizes in both UK and beyond. On the other end of the age group scale, Forbidden, a novel about cults and mind control for Young Adults, has also won awards overseas.

Judy is deeply committed to creativity and literacy in schools. Once upon a time, in her pre-author days, she worked in schools giving learning support for all age groups, and with this still close to her heart, she has gone on to publish many books for reluctant readers. These include ‘The Street’ series (Bloomsbury) which are novellas for 11-14 year old readers. Kai’s story, Lena’s story, Chelsea’s story and Sanjay’s story all follow four friends through fast paced, contemporary and edgy story-lines.

Other favourites through time have been The Storm Seal – selected by the QCA for KS1 SATs material, and Cheat – a story for middle grade pupils drawn from one of Judy’s real-life childhood memories. Cheat, like many of Judy’s titles, has stayed the test of time and been in print for almost twenty years – perhaps the premise of whether it is ever right to cheat is a timeless debate that stays solid regardless of fads and trends. The Singing Princess is also semi autobiographical (although, as Judy has never been a princess you’ll have to work out where truth and fiction collide).

Judy is passionate about teaching as well as writing. She teaches creativity and creative writing at the University of Winchester. She runs writing workshops, has taken up school residencies, and responds to a range of creative ‘calls’ from within the community, including working with art galleries, museums and projects for the homeless.

Judy can write anywhere as long as her mind is ‘in the zone’ but most of her current work takes place in The Wordtamer shed. Nestling in a corner at the bottom of her garden this is a space where she can think, and dream. A place where ideas run as wild as the ivy along the back fence – and a place where she can trim back sprawls of words, pruning ideas that spring in all directions, taming and training sentences, paragraphs, chapters and whole books.

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