World 5.0 – We Move From Here

by – Jim Prues (Author)

Healing ourselves, our earth, and our life together.

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Book Description:

Our culture continues to be buffeted by crisis after crisis. War, our struggling Earth, our broken lives. We must rise up.

The Trump led Republican Party fed lies to right wing extremists leading to an attack on our capital, the sacred church of democracy. Knowing the grave danger our planet and our Republic are in, we need a new system. The old system is crumbling. The corruption of politicians and the complete disregard for anyone else by the elites is clear. That we live under corporate control is clear. The curtain has been lifted. We are rising up.

Already we humans had been struggling to find our way for generations, thwarted by elites, nation-states and corporate interests. Globalism has made it worse. The crumbling of the old system is opening a door for the next system, World 5.0. We finally have a guidebook. ‘World 5.0 – We Move From Here’ breaks down who and where we are in a refreshing change from the old context we grew up in. Our home is Here in Life.

We’ve been abused and distracted for so long that this simple truth has been lost. And if we are all part of Life, which we clearly are, and if Life only happens Now, which is clearly true, we are necessarily All Here Together. Finding our common ground allows us a fresh perspective in this Earth-based experience. By focusing on Life Now, we can elect to change our thoughts and feelings. Which means we color our experience of Life by our choices. Is your glass half empty or half full? Are you optimistic or pessimistic right now? Are you choosing love or fear right now? As you upgrade to the World 5.0 mindset, you will more often find the glass half full and find yourself optimistic. Most importantly, you’ll more often find yourself in love instead of fear. Only love makes us happy.

As we heal ourselves within, we engage to rebuild our world. Our communities and our planet are in terrible shape do the profit making schemes of global corporations. We cannot allow this to continue. Corporations must be reigned in. In the book we recognize the the damage done by corporations. They have been a scourge since their initiation 1,000 years ago. In our new paradigm of integrity and trust, there is no place for profit taking at the expense of our rights and our ecologies. You have the opportunity to rethink and reshape your whole life based on the truth of our existence. Please join us. Welcome to World 5.0.

Reviews for the Book

If Jim Prues weren’t a successful author and video producer with his own YouTube channel, he might very well make a fortune with a lemonade franchise. He has such an artful and compelling way of turning today’s bitter lemons into a healthful, refreshing concoction I suggest you try for yourself.
Listen to how he reframes the very problems that most writers – journalists and pundits in particular – tell us are leading to our ruination:
“These are most auspicious times. It’s clear from any number of perspectives that we are on the threshold of a culture far different from what we’ve known previously, the culture of World Four.”
Hunger and poverty, global warming, war and violence, political unrest and the gross imbalance between rich and poor – Prues sees all of these world crises as bringing about an “ awakening awareness in so many of us, and the path toward finding and living our truest selves. We are witnessing a breakdown of old systems, especially political systems, as part of our transition to a new planetary operating system, World 5.0. We’ve been enslaved and abused by elites for centuries, yet their time of control is coming to an end.”
Prues is no Pollyanna but a clear-eyed and insightful chronicler of the planet’s history and how we arrived at this perilous, possibly pivotal point in the world today. I was energized by his optimistic assessment of how he sees us, individually and together, turning things around. He’s laid out a most detailed plan of action. I’m going to do my best to follow it. And in the meantime, I’m going to recommend his splendid book to readers like yourself. - dickcroy

About the Author: Jim Prues

Jim Prues is a long time seeker and finder of the meaning of Life. He grew up and continues to reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since stumbling upon this idea of World 5.0 back in 2004, he’s felt pushed to understand and explain the idea. Hence this book, World 5.0: We Move From Here – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together.

He loves family, golf, music, travel and mostly just being happy – a trait now well-ingrained.

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