41r-haetNkL._SX350_BO1,204,203,200_Artist Celio Cross vanished ten years ago. Now, his last painting is up for auction, and everyone in the art world wants to have it. Craig Wolff, curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is the only one whose life depends on it. He understands there is more to the painting than color and canvas. It is a way home to Suntaria, a world where fairy-tale characters live within reinterpreted stories, where a magic flute has the power to control nature and make wishes come true, where Craig’s beloved wife and son still live. Desperate to return, Craig devises a plan to acquire the painting and curate a fairy-tale exhibit, hoping for a greater chance at leaping back to the world he knew. But when he’s denied passage and Joel Cooper—a careless intern—mysteriously disappears and Emma Frost—Craig’s assistant—soon follows, Craig is sucked into a whirlpool of lies and deceit that puts everyone in danger. Obsessed with finding a way home, he resorts to kidnapping and theft in order to defeat his enemies and finally reenter Suntaria where he finds it’s not quite as he left it. With few allies left, he must pick up the pieces of a destroyed kingdom, hoping the magic he possesses will be enough to save it.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Jana

I have read a LOT of fantasy. I enjoy many authors, but often the stories are along the same vein, with new names and places, but the same basic idea. Wrapped in Color and Light tells a truly unique tale. If you enjoy fantasy, art, fairy tales, or really original works, this novel is for you! The story is believable and enthralling, with complex characters you really become invested in. Ms. Diamond, please tell us more!

About the Author

Lindsay Diamond moved from New York State to study creative writing at The University of Colorado at Boulder. There, she discovered her love of art and its ability to tell a story. After obtaining an MS in museum studies and participating in several art exhibitions, she was inspired to write a novel about the mysteries of the museum and the imagined worlds that exist beyond its paintings. Lindsay lives in the mountains of central Colorado with her husband and two children. Wrapped in Color and Light is her first novel.

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