Yes, You CAN Retire in Europe!

by – Lily St. Francis (Author)

9 Great Countries to Retire Abroad, Live Large, Reinvent and Rejuvenate On Your Retirement Budget

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Book Description:

According to the U.S State Department, 10 million Americans live abroad. Should you be one of them? If you have asked yourself any of the following questions, the expatriate life may be for you.

Depending on your answers, maybe you should consider an alternative to your current retirement story. In this book, a retired Travel Consultant who has traveled to more than 40 countries and assisted many of her clients as they retired abroad, takes you on an informal journey of 9 diverse countries in Europe where you can retire comfortably and happily on a budget. This book demystifies the process of moving overseas by offering tips on acquiring visas, purchasing, or renting property, understanding healthcare options, and taxation policies, adapting to the culture, and more. You will also get some personal insight from current expats on the processes of moving and adjusting to a brand-new environment. Learn how a nontraditional retirement can be just the boost you need in your life.
If you ever wondered what it would be like to move abroad and just how to go about it, look no further than this book. Rediscover places you have always loved and discover some you may never have dreamed of. The one thing they all have in common is that you can live and thrive there for way less money than you can in the United States. Imagine living in paradise on your social security income. You really CAN do it!

Reviews for the Book

This book offered great information and research about European locations that may be perfect for retirement for U.S. expats. - 	AWK

About the Author: Lily St. Francis

Lily is a retired Travel Consultant and a lifelong travel lover. Senior travel is her passion and nothing makes her happier than seeing others embrace the joy of travel in their golden years. Some of her most rewarding experiences in the travel industry have been helping clients transition from tourists to expatriates. She believes that rejuvenation and reinvention should not be reserved for the young or the rich!