Yonder’s Quest

by – Kyle Robertson (Author)

The Pilfer Stealth Voyage For Just Retribution (The Yonder Accounts Series Book 1)

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Book Description:

He was ordered to kill the thief but became an ally

In this science fiction fantasy adventure, a clan called the Tudoksea were thieves who pillaged a city daily. The scrundgers sorted the valuables from the junk while the upper-class stealther Flites did the thievery.

A scrundger wanted to become an Elite. The class jump was never done before, but Danica Yonder wouldn’t quit until she attained the title.

Her trainer wanted to stop her and sent her on a suicide mission. There was a killer in her path arraigned for her demise. He was going to kill her.

Follow Danica and her potential killer on a harrowing journey to discover his origin and destiny in book one of The Yonder Accounts Series, Yonder’s Quest: The Pilfer Stealth Voyage for Just Retribution

About the Author: Kyle Robertson

Kyle R. Robertson was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on January 1, 1970. When he was young, his mother told him that everyone on Earth was celebrating his birthday. Then he grew up, and learned the truth. At least his mother thought he was special. He has kept that feeling from his mother all his life.

Kyle grew up an only child, and had no siblings to play with. When he was 3, and moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin from Baton Rouge Louisiana, he had no cousins to play with anymore. He learned early that you had to use your imagination to stay interested in life.

He gathered many friends, but only two real friends. The two were gained at high school level, Jeff, and Jamie. Jeff has stayed with him ever since, and Jamie stayed with him until he tragically passed.

Kyle was always an entertainment buff. Movies, books, music, art, you name it, After his stint in the military, he became a master of sales. He knew over 800 electronic consumer devices, and had other salesmen asking him obscure histories of products.

He stayed with sales most of his life. From car audio, luxury vehicle sales, and home maintenance equipment. He became a trainer at that vocation, but he always wanted to entertain.

He was stricken with Diabetes, and lost most of his sight, but Diabetes kept going. He lost his kidneys, and couldn’t work anymore. He was lucky to get a transplant He became fidgety because he was used to 16 hour days.

He had to do something, so he began to write stories from the characters he made up in high school. Thus began his writing career.

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