Prepare to unlock your imagination with 156 pages of amazing activities designed to release your creativity, encourage mindfulness and boost your positivity! You Are A Unicorn is packed with awesome prompts that will help you write, doodle, create and clip-clop your way to happiness. What will it reveal about you? There’s only one way to find out. Just pick up a pencil, take a break from your busy day, and get ready to release your inner unicorn! You Are A Unicorn is available on US and UK Amazon!
Available on Amazon

“Creative Explosion”

Five Star Review on Amazon By shala paske

This book is such an amazing way to ignite your creativity when other things in life get busy!!!

About the Author

Vincent Vincent is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer living in London. He has worked on most children’s magazines in the UK – including National Geographic Kids, Skylanders, Angry Birds and Dreamworks. He’s also written books on Shrek, Madagascar and Transformers for Random House.

Vincent likes finding happiness in random places, telling jokes that make people groan, and doodling on just about everything.

You can follow Vincent on Instagram @youareaunicornbook and @emojilolsyeah.

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