You Call This Living?

by – Michael F Butchin (Author)

How Christianity Destroyed My Life

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Book Description:

“You Call This Living” is a memoir of Michael Butchin’s early life, recounting some of the abuse he endured, and how he became a religious zealot because of it. It also recounts the first, last, and only romantic entanglement he ever endured. Butchin takes you on a journey through self-discovery that led him away from religious faith to the freedom of atheism. Everything recounted in this book is true, to the best of the author’s recollection, though names have been hidden or changed in order to protect the privacy of those who were involved. Butchin’s memoir shares a powerful journey of self-actualization and personal liberation. This book serves as a reminder that we all can heal and overcome trauma and abuse. Regardless of who you are or what you believe in, this memoir is an unforgettable account of courage and growth.

About the Author: Michael F Butchin

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My name is Michael F. Butchin. I was born to a family of scholars, musicians, actors, and singers. A Philadelphia native, I actually grew up in the South Jersey suburbs.

I attended Rutgers University, New Brunswick, from which I graduated with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. I also attended graduate school, where I read for Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I lived in Taiwan for several years, where I worked as a kindergarten and Pre-K teacher during the day, and as an ESOL instructor at night. I have also traveled extensively in China. I currently reside in Beijing, where I still teach ESOL.

Having no family of my own, I write books, so as to have something to leave behind me when I die. I may have no children; but I have books. I may have no one to remember me, nor have I really much reason to be remembered, but for a while, perhaps, in the far future, someone might peruse my work, and remember me for a brief minute or two.

On the lighter side, I also daydream of a time in which I can support myself with my writing in a nice home in my native city, or at least a decent apartment in Europe or Scandinavia. Alas, that would require a lot more skill, talent, and drive than I presently possess. If anyone feels the compulsion to throw money at me, please do so by buying my books.