You Do You

by – Daphne McDonagh (Author)

The choice is yours about what comes next.

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Book Description:

Daphne McDonagh shares her life experiences with you and hopes you may find that one nugget in her story to assist you on your journey. For everyone that has struggled through life and felt they could not be themselves.
Yes, tragic and horrible things happen but you do not need to stay stuck in the lower vibrating energy.

The choice is yours about what comes next.
It is time for all of us to shift our energy to one of compassion vs. competition.
May this inspire you to follow your heart and do what brings you joy.

Reviews for the Book

You Do You  by Daphne McDonagh is a journey of self discovery through the eyes of Daphne McDonagh whose life experiences found her awakening to the  Spiritual realm at an early age and then growing up to discover and embrace her FULL strength of self with life n death challenges .
Imagine finding oneself facing their own mortality from the inside of a coma and coming back to tell the tales .I found YOU DO YOU"  reads like a movie as it explores the person Daphne started as and how her accident and coma moved her from inside of herself going deep into that void and exploring the  different realms of understanding and then the eventual " waking up" from her coma feeling freed from all the "sins and fears " of the past. WOW! I mean just WOW! .Who wouldnt want a do-over in the same lifetime ??!!(minus the life altering event ). In addition , Daphne gives guidance to her learnings and facilitates activities and experiences so I could learn how to change my own life in the here and now !!!!  It is beyond an inspirational story its a shamanic journey or a "walkabout" . Her exploration is all about truths and facing herself and not only living to tell but granting us ways to help ourselves become without having to die and come back . This reality check is through someone elses eyes who woke up illuminated and pure. So worth reading , learning and experiencing about Daphne . I hope I can learn to become that brave , fearless and free !
 -  cinimon imondi

About the Author: Daphne McDonagh

Daphne McDonagh became a first-time author and contributed chapters in two International Best-Selling books of the ‘Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology Series.’ Daphne has recently published her debut title, “You Do You,” a beautifully written motivational, self-help gem that shares many of her life experiences in overcoming life adversities and brain trauma. The Author recently contributed a chapter in the new book by “Divas That Care Collection” titled “Animal Prints on My Soul,” a unique collection of animal essays. Her chapter is titled “Whispers from an Angel.” All books are available online on Amazon, Kindle, and many fine book sites.

Born and raised in Canada, Daphne’s Healing Hands’ business owner is the Author. She is an energy healing facilitator and wellness practitioner. At age 15, she experienced a massive closed head brain injury and wasn’t expected to survive. That experience led her on a powerful healing journey that inspires others. She uses her gifts and experiential knowledge to help animals and people experiencing physical and emotional pain. She knows and believes that our bodies are our best healers, and when we give the body what it needs, it will heal and regenerate itself.

Daphne studied and received her Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma from Grant MacEwan University in 2000. She also holds a Diploma in Animal Sciences from the International Career School of Canada and a Healing with Crystals Diploma from the Universal College of Reflexology.

Besides being an International Best-Selling Author, she is a public speaker and a featured guest on various international podcasts and shows. Her writing and articles have been featured in several national publications and magazines. Daphne loves having furry friends in her life as she continues to work and reside in Alberta, Canada.

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