Jasmine was a beautiful, intelligent woman who had a promising career. Jasmine thought she found her soul-mate when she met the handsome and debonair Denzel. They started a world-wind romance that seemed like the beginning of a magnificent love story.

Their relationship was full of obstacles, including disapproval from Denzel’s family and unfinished business with his ex-girlfriend. Jasmine’s own family questioned whether Jasmine made a huge mistake by getting involved with someone that was the total opposite of her. Jasmine loved Denzel with all her heart, but often found herself questioning if they wanted the same things. Denzel loved Jasmine but couldn’t seem to disconnect from his past enough to focus on their future.

What will become of their love story? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles they are facing or will these same things derail their relationship? Will they end up getting their happy ending?