youngWith a Magical Crystal Globe, where would you go? Six children from a small Florida town set off on an adventure to New York, using their imaginations and Mrs. Eva’s Magic Crystal Globe. “Close your eyes . . .” she says. Imagine . . . Poof! The Young World Travelers are in Queens, New York, for their first Magical Crystal Globe adventure, where they visit famous sites, such as the Queens County Farm, a civil war fort, and Flushing Meadows, the site of the 1938 and 1964 World’s Fairs! They ride a train, a covered wagon, and a classic car to their various destinations, sometimes even dressed in the clothing of the times! Suddenly faraway places are not so far, and history meets the present in a colorful display of imagination.

Will you become a Young World Traveler too?

~~~~~ “EDU-TAINMENT” The Young World Travelers™ series The Young World Travelers™ invite you on many exciting journeys to explore THEIR worlds … The series is intended to be a “reference library” of travel from a child’s perspective. From story to story, the Young World Travelers™ will share the histories of each place they visit, the cultures, the architecture, the modes of travel, currency, food and music, to name a few. The stories will also incorporate the concepts of sharing and manners, compassion and empathy, and integrity. The educational aspect along with the uplifting camaraderie combine to offer a new form of learning: edu-tainment!

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” I truly loved Young World Travelers!! It was fun, informative and FULL of wonderful facts!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Dr. Maria Angeliadis

I truly loved Young World Travelers!! It was fun, informative and FULL of wonderful facts! That is especially what my husband, Gregory loved. He read it cover to cover because he loved reading the historical facts on the World’s Fair. The pictures are enticing and make you want to read to find out. As an educator, I think it is very important for children to know about the wonderful things that have historically occurred in their own country and Young World Travelers promotes that learning!!! I purchased the book for my granddaughters and they both loved it. The 9 year old said she read it straight through because she didn’t want to put the book down before she finished!! As a teacher, I HIGHLY recommend this fun, informative and enlightening book!! Kids will love the fun and grown-ups will LOVE the history!! Wonderful book, Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos!!

About the Author

While Demetra was born and raised in Woodside, NY, her family roots stem from Tarpon Springs, FL, where she currently resides with her daughter, Katerina, and owns Given With Love, a custom gift shop. The youngest of five, she has two sisters and two brothers.

For thirteen years, Demetra enjoyed managing an interior design showroom in New York City, but at the age of thirty, she decided she needed a more secure job with benefits. She felt fortunate to become a part of “Corporate America,” where she remained for nearly nine years. Among other things, her responsibilities at Morgan Stanleyincluded overseeing an internal mentoring program and managing the firm’s “Big Brothers Big Sisters”program. Demetra enjoys teaching children, opening their hearts and minds to the fascinating world around them. She has always loved being around children, and as a young girl, she dreamed of having five of her own, just as her mother and grandmother had. Fate had something else lined up for her.

In 2001, she bumped into her high school sweetheart, Constantinos (Gus) P. Lecourezos, on a street in Manhattan on her way to the office. For twenty-one years, they had lived separate lives, and in 2004, they were finally married. The following year, their daughter Katerina was born. In 2008, misfortune hit home. Gus was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lost his battle in 2009. Before his passing, Gus worked with Demetra to create the initial ideas for Young World Travelers, an educational series of books.

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