Your Best Self Yet by Dr. Delores T. Henderson

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Book Description:

Your Best Self Yet by Dr. Delores T. Henderson is a motivational self-help book that encourages readers to know their purpose and achieve their dreams. Through a process of self-discovery, readers are invited to face their fears by confronting their giants, to let go of past hurt and forgive both self and others, and to design and create the life they want to live today. Through goal setting, planning, identifying and eliminating fears, doubts, and obstacles, readers are motivated, inspired, and encouraged to build and live the life they’ve designed. Dr. Henderson’s self-discovery process requires the reader to go beyond conquering the voice of self-destruction through forgiveness, letting go of past mistakes, and releasing personal harm to allow their will to dominate the intellect and body and walk in their own shoes using their God-given talents and gifts.
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“You Can Win!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Excellent Read! Encouraging, Motivational, Speaks to the Heart of a person.

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