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Ready to bring your books to new readers? Over 220 millions of people around the world can read French…

Frenchify your books!


Before I start working on your translation, I send you a precise estimate according to the number of words, we determine a deadline together and I make sure to always be available to answer all your questions. I charge you the translation service, but you remain the only copyrighter.

Your texts will not be transmitted and will remain strictly confidential, before and after I send you the French version. I will let you know regularly about the progress of my work.

To help you promote your books, I have established partnerships with bloggers and booktubers. Blogs, social cataloging websites and social medias are the best gateway to your future fans… To learn more about how to self-publish in France, I encourage you to read my tips and advice on the subject

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About the Translator:

I am a French native translator, specialized in fiction. Publishers and independent authors entrust their texts to me.

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