Jahnni, an Airline Supervisor with First Class Air at Portland International Airport finds her safe, planned-out day is interrupted by an airport evacuation, which she and four others end up not being able to do: evacuate. Though determined, they (Jahnni, two adult passengers, another airline employee and an unaccompanied minor) find themselves being pursued in the belly of the airport by possible terrorists while they search for a way out. They are forced to rely on each other as they are blocked at every turn. That is, until one of the passengers in the group reveals a BIG secret related to the previous use of the land that could provide them an escape.

From the beginning of Jahnni’s story, her crush on an off-duty FBI agent that she earlier checked in for his flight, induces *almost* uncontrolled daydreaming that she must overcome to stay focused, keep them all safe, and find help to get to safety. Just when the drama appears to finally be coming to an end, complete epic chaos with no way of escape soars into Jahnni’s life. Will Jahnni and the others survive?
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“Knows her stuff.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nani

A fun story ride, some suspense and lots of twists. It always fun reading stories about town you’re familiar with, brings it to life in a new way. I bought the Kindle version first but I’ll get the hardcover version now that it’s available. You can tell she either worked at the airport or researched. Hope there will be more in the future.

About the Author

JL LeGerrette is the author of her first suspense/action/romance novel called You’re Clear. With a background as a Passenger Service Agent for an airline, combined with her lifetime role as a hairdresser for over forty years, she has combined those experiences of “understanding all walks of people” to spin out her fun tale. “There are few exceptions of careers where people allow you to come into their bubble and remain,” she shares when speaking of her career as a hairdresser. “You learn to ‘feel’ what people are ‘thinking’.” This translates into some fantastic ideas for future stories waiting to be born. She has felt honored to call her clients her dear friends as they all grew up, married, raised children, and faced life’s trials…laughing and growing in this life together. She’s a mother and grandmother who cherishes every breath her babies take as she considers being a mother and grandmother the best jobs in the world with the greatest return…unconditional love.

She describes herself as an empty-nester now, using her time to chase the dream that never left her heart all those many years; writing. She wrote her first publication called The Colors of My Life, in 2012. She already had begun writing You’re Clear a few years prior in her spare time but she sensed an immediate need to set that book aside and gather a collection of short stories and poems for The Colors of My Life. You can read about this particular, very important journey at http://jllegerrette.com/blog/so-here-s-the-thing

The story of Jahnni Dawson jumped into her head one day and she was determined to finish and publish it so everyone could meet this new friend. Over time, she plans to share more of the stories that live in the attic of her mind because there are many! She lives in the Pacific Northwest, hating and loving the rain, cherishing Spring and Fall as old friends, and waiting anxiously for their peaceful visits.

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